Our Design Approach is an Organic Blend of T.E.A.
technology . experience . art grown from roots of passion.creativity.love








Welcoming you with our smiles, for a smile plants a seed of love. Our pleasure to humbly introduce our team.

  • A symbol of our perspective, that everything starts with a seed, what you sow you reap. The principle we adhere as individuals and uphold as a team. Humbly rooted, nurtured and grown organically to a shape we are purposefully designed. What better way to represent our outlook and shape than a tree- bearing life.
  • Our team of 7 is collectively shaped for over 9 years by the roots of our passion, creativity and love for technology, experience and art. Given the seeds for a humbling beginning, we have been blessed to grow naturally and cultivate our holixtic approach that organically radiates our principles and beliefs.
  • A brand is more than just a reflection of your company's character; it is a constant campaign of your company's overall personality. More than just a name, a package , or a representation, our Holixtic Approach promotes continuity and unity of your company's directions in harmony with its character as with our Bag of TEA, every concept and design are created to convey genuine emotions, address significant aspirations and develop heartfelt connections.
  • Founded from roots of Passion, Creativity & Love, our responsibility is to develop relationships through designs that denote association of your brand to everyday living . Our Bag of TEA is blended to organize ideas thriving from our every conversation to create character through your respective brand & identity, Website design, Print and Graphic Arts, System Design and Development, Motion Graphics and Flash and Architectural Visualization and Interior.
  • Growth is a series of milestone for every pursuit of a goal. We believe that every opportunity inspires creative transformation of shared wisdom and philosophy translating the complex ideas into simple reality. we would like to help you translate these opportunities into Solutions to plant your seeds and cultivate your vision to reap more than you sow.
  • With every experience comes learning and realization that growth should not be a milestone but a constant drive and a permanent responsibility. Let our daily conversation plant seeds of love while our every action reciprocates His faithfulness.
  • Our roots are the foundation of our character brought by our daily interactions, experience and exposures. By grace we live with love. By faith we grow to love. Visit the 'roots' section to see our narration of how we nurture our roots.
  • Our daily toast is our everyday fix of wisdom and appreciation to share

    "Tomorrow is an anticipated blessing we all wake up to open"